Where do your goods come from?
We import our large range of furniture, artefacts, stoneware, decorative pots and home wares from around the world, specialising in goods from Java, Bali and Africa .
How do you describe your stock?

As exotic, tropical island from authentic to cutting edge, traditional to modern, exclusive, comfortable, elegant, fun and very liveable.

Are your goods always authentic?

Each piece of furniture is crafted by hand without power tools, so no two pieces can be identical. They can be alike, but never the same.

What materials are used?

African Mahogany, Plantation Teak, Recycled Teak,  Munga Wood, Terracotta, Lava Rock and Sandstone and much more.
Are the goods treated for parasites?
Yes, before they reach Australia, then they are checked by customs on arrival, next we personally check every item.

Do you pay importing tax?

Is it less expensive than domestic furniture?
Tricky question because most prices depend on the quality you buy and in many cases the name of the manufacturer and how much they advertise. We rarely advertise, so our prices are genuine importer prices and to say the least very competitive.
Is it true that furniture imported from some countries split in colder climates? If the answer is yes, how could I prevent this happening?
Our goods are hand picked for quality craftsmanship and from quality materials, so they should remain stable in most conditions. However, we do recommend care of our products with quality oils or other recommended cleaners. We certainly don't expect splitting to occur. Our clients who've moved to cold climates and those who buy then take our furniture to colder climates have never complained of stress leading to deterioration.
Do you deliver your goods?
No, but we have transport contacts who can arrange for low rate pick-up and delivery at your cost.
We welcome your enquiries. Please go to our "Enquiries" page or email  cherie@the-importer.com